Environmental Management Plan

The concern for environmental conservation linger on all the strategies municipaliy. The oversiding concern is to attain and ensure human and ecological security in free area. Success in the other development thrust depends largerly in the success in preserving the environment in bio-diversity of entire municipality. There are basically three types of ecosystems in the municipality: coastal, upland or hilly and low land or plain. The thrust of conserving the environment looks at managing the development and economic activities in all the ecosystems.

Thus, the administration invent in concerving and protecting the environment and its natural resources. It has articulated its concept of socio-economic development within the boundaries of sustainable, sound and balance ecology whereby appropriate resolution and ordinaces to that effect have been promulgated and enacted as well as those that are to be passed by the local in the environment.


1. Ensure development and management of natural resource.                      .
2. Maintain clean and green environment free from pollution.           .



  1. To regulate access of commercial fishing boats to the municipal water.
  2. To institutionalize coastal resource management in the municipality.
  3. To minimize the effects of social waste and its impact in human, water, land and air and the surrounding environment.
  4. To enhance community participation in the management of the environment.
  5. To intensify environmental and fisher land enforcement.

Programs and Projects

  1. Coastal Resource Management Program
  2. Environmental Management Program
  3. Integrated Solid Waste Management Program

Construction of Flood Control & Drainage System

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