Infrastructure Development Plan

The municipality’s infrastructure development efforts will be directed towards the provision of all the infrastructural facilities needed for the attainment of the over-all scenario of development envisioned for the municipality for the year 2015. Towards this end, infrastructure development programs will be directed towards the realization of the goals of the sector as spelled out below.


  1. To provide an efficient and well integrated support facilities needed for development of the municpality

            2. To provide sufficient electricity to the populace
3. To provide potable water supply in the entire areas in the municipality
4. To for an effective and efficient communication facilities and services in the

            1. To improve and expand the existing inter-barangay road network for easy mobility
2. To rehabilitate existing road network for all weather use.
3. To energize at least 90% of the Barangay household in the municipality
4. To improve the existing communication facilities and services

     Programs and Projects

  1. Construction of NSO Building
  2. Construction of Municipal Building
  3. Construction of Municipal Building
  4. Purchase of Vehicle
  5. Counterpart Fund for the Improvement of Barangay Farm
  6. to Market Roads
  7. Completion of Lamao Wharf
  8. Construction of Sea Wall
  9. Construction of Bridges and related structure
  10. Construction of Municipal Roads and Streets
  11. Construction/Improvement of communal irrigation project
  12. Construction of Birthing Room
  13. Construction of Sputum Collection & Waiting Area
  14. Maintenance of OSCA Building
  15. Electricity
  16. Water Services
  17. Counterpart Fund for Development Project
  18. Community Development Project
  19. Construction  of Box Culvert
  20. Counterpart Fund for Foreign Assisted Project
  21. Constructing Indigenous People Building
  22. Construction of Grand Stand & Sports  Facilities
  23. Construction of BJMP
  24. Construction of School Building
  25. Repair of School Building
  26. Maintenance of Provincial Roads & Bridges
  27. Construction of Barangay Health Station
  28. Electrification  Project

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