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Municipal Mayor Roberto L. Uy, Jr., CPA

Hon. Roberto L. Uy, Jr., CPA
Municipal Mayor

Environmental Management Plan

The concern for environmental conservation linger on all the strategies municipaliy. The oversiding concern is to attain and ensure human and ecological security in free area. Success in the other development thrust depends largerly in the success in preserving the environment in bio-diversity of entire municipality. There are basically three types of ecosystems in the municipality: coastal, upland or hilly and low land or plain. The thrust of conserving the environment looks at managing the development and economic activities in all the ecosystems.

Thus, the administration invent in concerving and protecting the environment and its natural resources. It has articulated its concept of socio-economic development within the boundaries of sustainable, sound and balance ecology whereby appropriate resolution and ordinaces to that effect have been promulgated and enacted as well as those that are to be passed by the local in the environment.


1. Ensure development and management of natural resource.                      .
2. Maintain clean and green environment free from pollution.           .



  1. To regulate access of commercial fishing boats to the municipal water.
  2. To institutionalize coastal resource management in the municipality.
  3. To minimize the effects of social waste and its impact in human, water, land and air and the surrounding environment.
  4. To enhance community participation in the management of the environment.
  5. To intensify environmental and fisher land enforcement.

Programs and Projects

  1. Coastal Resource Management Program
  2. Environmental Management Program
  3. Integrated Solid Waste Management Program

Construction of Flood Control & Drainage System

Economic Development Plan

The municipality of Liloy is basically an agricultural community and its residents derived most of their income from agriculture. It has a wide range for agricultural development. An  analysis of agricultural production shows  that rice and corn production is quite sufficient to meet the demands of the rice and corn eating population . However, the projected increase of  population, demands for fresh  products would like increase.

Fishing is one of the major sources of livelihood in the municipality especially those people living along the coastal Barangays.

Commercial and Industrial development in the municipality are still limited. Although Liloy has around 944 registered commercial and industrial establishments only about 15% of the population derived their livelihood from their sector.

Liloy being strategically located is endowed with great economic potentials that would surely boom if given priority and careful planning. Hence, it is imperative that effort must be exerted to improve and expand the operations of existing commercial and industrial activities and make this sector one of the major sources of livelihood in the municipality. Industries that will make use of locally produced raw material shall he given top priority.

On the other hand, as commercial industrial activity increases, the exiting areas for its activity would be too small for the purpose. Hence it is also imperative for the local government to identify additional areas for its expansion, large enough to accommodate future activities within the next ten years.

Presence of Hotels and Pension Houses boasted and hasten the  economic Growth of the Municipality.



  1. To attain self-sufficiency in agriculture production in order to uplift the living condition of the farmers

            2. To achieve maximum commercial and industrial development in the municipality
3. Develop and promote identified tourism potential sites in the municipality


            1. Optimum use of agricultural areas.
2. Provide all weather farm to market roads
3. Improve and expond the existing commercial and industrial activities in the
4. Encourage and attract private entrepreneurs through adoption/enactment of essential
tax policies
5. Preserve the natural tourist attractions


    Programs and Projects

        1. Construction of Public Market
        2. Improvement of Bus & Food terminal
        3. Integrated Agricultural Dev’t. Program
        4. Rehab/Repair of Municipal Roads & Streets
        5. Water Development Program
        6. Construction of Fish Landing Port
        7. Established of Fish Sanctuary

Construction of Trading Center

Infrastructure Development Plan

The municipality’s infrastructure development efforts will be directed towards the provision of all the infrastructural facilities needed for the attainment of the over-all scenario of development envisioned for the municipality for the year 2015. Towards this end, infrastructure development programs will be directed towards the realization of the goals of the sector as spelled out below.


  1. To provide an efficient and well integrated support facilities needed for development of the municpality

            2. To provide sufficient electricity to the populace
3. To provide potable water supply in the entire areas in the municipality
4. To for an effective and efficient communication facilities and services in the

            1. To improve and expand the existing inter-barangay road network for easy mobility
2. To rehabilitate existing road network for all weather use.
3. To energize at least 90% of the Barangay household in the municipality
4. To improve the existing communication facilities and services

     Programs and Projects

  1. Construction of NSO Building
  2. Construction of Municipal Building
  3. Construction of Municipal Building
  4. Purchase of Vehicle
  5. Counterpart Fund for the Improvement of Barangay Farm
  6. to Market Roads
  7. Completion of Lamao Wharf
  8. Construction of Sea Wall
  9. Construction of Bridges and related structure
  10. Construction of Municipal Roads and Streets
  11. Construction/Improvement of communal irrigation project
  12. Construction of Birthing Room
  13. Construction of Sputum Collection & Waiting Area
  14. Maintenance of OSCA Building
  15. Electricity
  16. Water Services
  17. Counterpart Fund for Development Project
  18. Community Development Project
  19. Construction  of Box Culvert
  20. Counterpart Fund for Foreign Assisted Project
  21. Constructing Indigenous People Building
  22. Construction of Grand Stand & Sports  Facilities
  23. Construction of BJMP
  24. Construction of School Building
  25. Repair of School Building
  26. Maintenance of Provincial Roads & Bridges
  27. Construction of Barangay Health Station
  28. Electrification  Project

Social Development Plan

      The municipality has just potential that can be develop for social development foremost of which are its people. Given the proper motivation, they can meaningfully participate in the delivery of basic social to most disadvantages groups of the society. The present social services in the municipality of properly coordinated and integrated are capable of reaching more people.

Development of the social services sector well be geared towards promoting the social well being of the entire populace. Along this line, social services and facilities will be improve and expanded to eventually reach even these remotest barangay of these municipality to make possible the reduction of birth rate, incidence of malnutrition, unemployment and underemployment. At the same time efforts will be exerted in developing self-reliance functional literacy and the reduction of the rate of dropouts.


      1. To provide high quality education by improving the services and facilities in the
2. To uplift the general health condition of the people in the Municipality of Liloy.
3.  To improve the housing condition of Liloy.
4.  To develop and promote the physical as well as the emotional well being of all
all residents of the community.
            5. To promote and maintain a peaceful community conducive for development.
6. To uplift the living condition of families belonging to the bottom poor in the


  1. Increase the literacy rate of the populace.
  2. Construction of additional school buildings and facilities.
  3. To provide efficient delivery of medical services to the populace.
  4. To provide affordable housing to the low – income earners of the municipality.
  5. To provide adequate sports and recreational facilities.
  6. To attain substantial participation of the residents in the prevention of crime and delinquency in the community.
  7. To reach out to at least 80 percent of the socially and economically needy as well as the handicapped members of the community.


   Programs and Projects

  1. Operation & Maintenance of Government Vehicle
  2. Repair & Maint. of  office Equipment & facilities
  3. Operation & updating of Town Dev’t. Plan
  4. Maint. & Repair of Government Building
  5. Human Resource Development Program
  6. Peace & Order Council
  7. Insurance of Government Vehicle
  8. Real Gasoline/Oil/Fuel Lubricants
  9. Property Tax Administration
  10. Government Building Insurance
  11. Other Maintenance & Operating Expenses
  12. Rehab of heavy Equipment
  13. Tourism Development Promotion Program
  14. Support to Millenium  Development Goal Program
  15. Sport & Cultural Development Program
  16. Improvement of  Gymnasium
  17. Improvement/Landscaping of Municipal Plaza
  18. Health Program
  19. Phil. Health for Indigents
  20. Gender & Development Program
  21. Social Welfare & Development Program
  22. Health Services
  23. Social Welfare Services
  24. Project Identification Fund
  25. Construction of Grand Stand & Sports  Facilities
  26. Construction of BJMP
  27. Construction of School Building

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