Information & Communication

Information & Communication Technology

The municipality of Liloy had established its communication linkages to the modern world through modern information facilities. The two giant communication companies in the country, the Smart Communication Services and the Globe Telecommunication Company, had installed their cell site to provide better accessibility of the locality in the modern communication network. The most common means of communication are the cellular phones. As observed, there are still areas in the municipality with very low and fluctuating signals. Thus, resident has to go to elevated areas to have access in their communication. Internets are usually used in internets cafe, offices and schools using. However, this means of communication is not so reliable due to signal problems.

Communication services could be also availed through the office of the Philippine Postal Corporation and the Bureau of Telecommunication office located with in the municipal compound.

Aside from these communication services, information can be also be obtained through newspapers, radios and television. Copies of national and local newspapers come from Dipolog city.









Postal Services




Internet Providers

 Fatima& Baybay



Telephone Service Provider




Cell Sites Network

 Globe & Smart



Public Calling Stations




Broadcast and Television Network*

 Baybay & Comunal







Source: NTC, Public/Private Companies




* Radio Stations, Television Station, Cable TV