Waste Management


Presently, the waste disposal facility in the municipality is the control dumpsite located in barangay Overview. The garbage and other solid waste in the Poblacion area are being handled by the garbage collector and dumped to the control dumping site with the proper daily collection schedule.  Other household garbage or waste especially in the remote barangays they disposed their garbage in several ways, some are using by old model which is by use of burning and other residents, waste segregation is being observe the bio-degradable materials will be put on the compost pit, and those recyclable materials will be recycled in order to maintained or preserve our environment.

In terms of human waste disposal, substantial small portion of the total household population has no toilet facilities especially those in the rural barangays.   For those who have the facility, the most preferred type of water sealed, are sewer/septic tank and other depository that were used exclusively by the household.